Port Sails Canal Villa, Mandurah jetty

Spotting Local Mandurah Dolphins

Whether by foot or by boat, whenever you visit Mandurah's waterways keep your eyes peeled as local dolphins can appear anytime anywhere, often swimming right under our jetty!

Mandurah dolphin swims under our jetty
Our Dolphins
Around 80 dolphins live in the Peel-Harvey Estuary and canals. Although there's no predicting exactly when or where they will appear, they are around all year. Calving season is November - June however the best months for spotting babies in our experience seems to be February and March when you can often see family pods swimming around the canals and estuary together. For more information on Mandurah's playful residents visit Mandurah Cruises website.
Dolphins swimming alongside boat
Dolphin Rescue
Mandurah is a hot spot for dolphin strandings with research showing that over 25% of our local dolphins have been stranded at least once in their lifetime. Local dolphins are usually happy to swim alongside boats but sometimes they prefer to keep their distance, please always show respect and never harass these beautiful creatures. If you see a stranded or distressed dolphin contact the Wildlife 24 hour emergency number 08 9474 9055. Click here For more information on what to do if you see a dolphin in danger.
Mandurah Dolphin Tours stop to check out a dolphin swimming past our Mandurah holiday Rental
Dolphin Identification
Individual dolphins can be identified by their dorsal fin and other markings such as sun burn or rake marks. If you want to have a go at identifying and finding out more information about the dolphin you've just spotted, visit FinBook Mandurah.