Halls Head local walks from Port Sails Canal Villa

Our Favourite Local Walks

When we stay at Port Sails Canal Villa Mandurah Canal Holiday Accommodation one of things we love to do is to take an afternoon stroll around the local area. Here we would like to share some of our favourite walks and hope that others will enjoy them as much as we do. Remember to always keep your eyes peeled for dolphins as you never know when they will pop up!

Western Foreshore

This 3km walk will take you roughly 40 mins (longer if you stop for photos). First you will visit the original limestone heritage listed Hall’s Head Cottage which was built in 1833 by Henry Edward Hall. Then secondly on to the award-winning Mandurah War Memorial. Stroll back along the Western Foreshore keeping an eye out for dolphins and other wildlife!

Mary Street Lagoon

Lookout Point Video
Approximately 3.5km and around 45 mins, this has to be our personal favourite. First walk straight along Mary Street until you reach Mary Street Lagoon at Kingsley Fairbridge Reserve. Walk around the lagoon to the Lookout Point (this is where the above video was taken). Next walk along Fairbridge Rd enjoying the estuary views until you reach Henry Sutton Grove. This lovely little park is located at the point where our canal connects with the estuary. Here you will be able to look up the canal and spot the Port Sails Complex. Across the canal you will see the Majestic Mandurah War Memorial. Walk back to our villa along Leighton Rd and the Mary Street catching glimpses of the water amongst the canal homes on your way.

Beach Sunsets

This is a slightly longer walk but worth it on the evenings that promise a good sunset, the Halls Head coastline often boasts a stunning sunset. On this walk you can take a shortcut along the mainland or stroll along the coastline for some beautiful sea views.

Over The Bridge

This walk will take you over the New Mandurah Bridge and around to Mandurah’s Foreshore, café & restaurant strip. Here you can follow Mandurah's Instagram Trail or Art Trail and discover the many insta photo opportunities and hidden treasures! During the summer months you can visit Mandjar Markets located under shady trees along the foreshore, browse and enjoy quality local handmade Arts & Crafts, award winning gourmet delights, children’s activities, live entertainment plus much more.